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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

0H Maddi Jane~~kegilaan!!!!!!

Maddi Jane. I don't know who is her until someone tag this song to my wall in Facebook.

Price Tag by her. Hanya sekali dengar. popppppp terus JATUH CHENTA!!!!!!!!! Thanks to him  XD
I really don't know who the heck is Maddi Jane, she's not an artist, singer~ what I know is, she can sing much much better than the real singer that sing the same song. And I do really love her voice. awesomeeeeeee is it? hehehe this is what i called Maddi Jane~~ kegilaan!! another two songs that have been touched my soul ::


Jar Of Heart

pssttt::: i know i'm quite 'KETINGGALAN'...who cares?????  =P

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